"Let me run it by my lawyer first."

Now you can say it and actually mean it. Finally! A program that gives entrepreneurs ALL-ACCESS to an attorney.

Are you ready to FINALLY:

  • put all your business stress on someone else?

  • not spend a fortune on legal services?

  • have all-access to an attorney?

  • run new ideas by an attorney before running full-force ahead without any idea whether it's legal?

  • have peace of mind in regards to legal issues within your business?

  • know EXACTLY when you should file a trademark or a copyright application?


Yes? Then it's time to become a LEGALPRENEUR!

What if YOUR business had an affordable attorney on retainer?

Rock-solid contracts.

Trademarks for everything.

Extra review on all documents.

Copyrights on all your content. 

Phone calls that don’t cost a thing.

Constant e-mails that get almost instant answers.

Never infringe on anyone else's intellectual property.

Know exactly what to do when someone infringes on your work.

And actually mean it when you say, "Let me run it by my lawyer first."

True brand protection does exist…

When you have an attorney in your back pocket, you spend a great deal of money for your mind to generally be at ease when it comes to your business's legal issues. 

But when you're a LEGALPRENEUR, your issues become our issues and you pawn off your worries, all while keeping your wallet full! 

It's time to LEVEL-UP and stop crossing your fingers in hopes you don't get sued. With this affordable plan, there's no excuse to not protect your brand.

Become a LEGALPRENEUR today!

So what exactly am I getting?

Month after month, you get the following:

Unlimited Email Communication

Never pay for your attorney to review an email ever again! All email communications are covered under the plan! 

Up To 60 Minutes In Phone Calls

Need to talk through an issue? No need to pay hundreds of dollars an hour! You can schedule phone calls every month.

Up To 30 Pages Of Document Review

Ever receive a contract but not sure if you should sign it? Send it over, and we will let you know whether there are any concerns!

15% Off Any Other Services

Whether you need to file a trademark or copyright application or you need to send a cease and desist letter, you're saving 15% on all of it!

The Contract Vault

Get unlimited access to attorney-drafted contracts at no additional cost!

Plus, the longer you're a member, the more benefits you receive:

3 months:

Free IP audit ($450 Value). We dissect your business and tell you exactly what needs to be protected within your business with a trademark or copyright.

6 months:

Free Trademark Search ($450 Value). The search includes an opinion letter on the strength of your mark. And you'll be able to find out if anyone is infringing on YOUR mark!

12 months:

Get 50% off 3 trademark applications. Say whaaaat?! Yep, after 12 months of consecutive membership, you'll be able to save 50% off 3 trademark applications.

But do you really NEED an attorney on retainer?

Listen to this personal story from one of my 7-figure clients, Chris Harder. Chris is the host of the hit podcast, For The Love Of Money, investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur coach.


Become a LEGALPRENEUR today!

"We reached out to Andrea a few months ago to help with our Trademark application for our business; a process we knew very little about. Andrea was responsive and got back to us almost immediately, and took the time to really walk us through the process and answer all our questions. She's continued to be there for us every step of the way, always making time for us when we need it. We've been thrilled to find someone who is not only professional, but also so knowledgeable about the process as well as kind and helpful."

Natasha Funderburk
Owner of Harper & Sky

"Andrea has been amazing at helping me as my businesses are growing, time has become precious (as in there's just not enough of it), and the decisions I make become more important (as in, I don't want to make the wrong ones). I've used a few contract templates from her as I've started adding employees to my team, and trusted her with my trademarking, which has been a journey so far - but am proud to say that my business will be officially trademarked soon."

Angela Froschl
Owner of Hot Mess Hustle

"Usually when you’re going through an issue that requires an attorney, the process is scary and stressful. Each time I’ve worked with Andrea, her expertise and service was incredible, but the peace of mind that comes from having someone in your corner who truly cares about you is invaluable. Now I never have to worry about trademark or copyright issues because I know I can hand over all the stress to her and she handles it beautifully."

Gina Luker
Owner of The Shabby Creek Cottage

Meet Andrea Sager


After spending just 7 months at a large law firm, Andrea quickly found out "BigLaw" was not the place for her. She was told from the beginning that small businesses were not "quality clients." As a former small business owner herself, Andrea knew that was not true. It was that defining moment that made Andrea want nothing more than to fill the gap between small businesses and affordable legal services.

In just one year, Andrea has become the GO-TO attorney for small businesses. Affordable flat rates and payment plans are what attract so many small businesses to Andrea. And now, the LEGALPRENEUR plan is allowing Andrea to serve even more small businesses.


The Guarantee

I know how important your questions are. More importantly, I know how crucial the answers to your questions are.

Having ALL-ACCESS to an attorney is rare, and when you do have it, you aren’t necessarily provided with a guarantee. One of the most important things I’ve learned since serving entrepreneurs is that you need answers, and you need them quickly.

I built this program with the busy entrepreneur in mind. You don’t have time to visit a lawyer’s office every time you have a question. You may not even have time to play phone-tag. That’s why I created the 24-hour e-mail guarantee.

Once you’re a member of LEGALPRENEUR, all of your emails will be answered within 24-hours Monday through Friday. Why not Saturday and Sunday? Because that’s our beloved family time that we need to re-charge in order to serve you with 110%! It’s simple: Join the program and get answers quickly!

Pricing Options

Choose your plan:




Unlimited Emails

Phone Calls
(up to 60 minutes per month)

Document Review
(up to 30 pages per month)

Access to The Contract Vault

15% off additional services

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Same benefits as the monthly plan, plus:

Free IP Audit

Free Trademark Search

50% off 3 Trademark Applications 

Get one month free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Legalpreneur is a legal subscription plan for all small businesses. This plan is meant to provide access to an attorney each month at a low cost.

Your membership gives you all-access to an attorney, which includes emails, phone calls, document review, and a discount on additional services.

If you choose the monthly plan, your card will be charged on the same day every month for $199.

If you choose the annual plan, your card will be charged on the same day every year.

The yearly plan includes everything the monthly plan includes. However, instead of waiting to take advantage of the consecutive monthly benefits, you get all of the benefits up front.

The only commitment is what you sign up for. You can cancel at anytime before the next billing cycle. 

Any service that we offer is 15% off once you're a member. Please note that government fees are not discounted because we cannot control what the government charges. 

For example, when filing a trademark application, our fee will be discounted, but the government filing fee will not be discounted.

Some of our services include: contract drafting, trademarks, copyrights, and entity formation. 

Government fees typically only occur when filing a new application for a copyright or a trademark. 

The government fee for a trademark application is $225 or $275.

The government fee for a copyright application is normally $55.

Document Review is meant for those times when you're supposed to sign a contract, but you're really not sure if you should sign it or not. 

You'll send the contract to us for review, and we will let you know whether there is anything questionable.

An IP Audit is where a member of our team dissects your business and tells you exactly what needs to be protected with a copyright or a trademark.


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